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About the Journal

This is a revival of an online journal that launched and died back in 2013. At that time, we envisioned collecting essays on the fringes of academic writing, focusing on ideological analysis of individual aesthetic objects, mostly literature and film.   

At that time we said that:

The hope of the journal is that the essays will be useful to the teacher and student as well as the scholar or theorist; we seek essays that are informed by aesthetic, Marxist, and psychoanalytic theory, but remain accessible at the level of a beginning graduate student or well prepared undergraduate.  We are looking for critiques which are theoretically informed by the debates about theories of ideology, but which focus on a single aesthetic object and its ideological function.  The focus may be on the work’s function at the time of its original production, or on the ideological function it has for us today—the ideological function of Macbeth in 1606 would clearly be different from its ideological function in the classroom today, or from a new production of the play, and we invite essays that investigate any of these ideological functions.

At this point, we are envisioning an open access online collection of essays that are far less academic than what we originally had in mind.  We would like these essays to be generally accessible to any literate adult, to anybody who might be a consumer of or participant in any kind of cultural practice productive of ideology, from a painting in a museum to an online video game, from attending a Shakespeare play to a PTA meeting.  What kind of subjects, with what capacities and values, do we become when we enjoy a work of art or participate in a collective activity?

Any contributions or queries will be considered and responded to. Email me at wtompepper@icloud.com.

Founding Members:

Patricia Comitini

W. Thomas Pepper

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